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Go see Ben Ripani Music Co. on the 29th. I don’t know which version I like more.. How about you?Continue Reading


My buddy Frank Green plays guitar for Greg Gibson. They are playing a show w/ Rio Peligroso on June 3rd in San Diego… Frank and I made this poster.  Fun stuff!Continue Reading


I saw this great Japanese style pattern and I had to recreate it in Illustrator. Feel free to download for personal use. (You can also donate a cup of coffee to me on the contact page :))Continue Reading


Here is a poster I made for  Ben Ripani Music Companies show in Iowa City on 4-10-10.  Go check em out. The water color in the back was fun to make.Continue Reading


Just a poster I made for fun.Continue Reading


Ben Ripani has a solo show on Mar. 13. at Sheffields in River Grove. He asked for a poster which is more geared toward a solo performance. This is what I made.Continue Reading


This is a small sample of one image for the childrens book I am illustrating.  It is called J Is For Jazz and it was written by Tom Kiebzak.Continue Reading


Gray Ghosts out of San Diego asked me to design a gig poster.. I love the colors in this one.Continue Reading


I was asked to design a CD to be sent to radio stations all over the country. This is what I came up with. It was printed on the CD and put in a clear envelope to save the band money. Thanks for the constant supply of work Ben. P.S.  check out these songs on […]Continue Reading


This was a done for a Ben Ripani solo show at Sheffields.Continue Reading