I took an amazing etching class at Side Street Studios in Elgin, IL. I learned a ton… and realized once again that I would love to have my own studio. (Or at least a slop sink!)  Continue Reading


This was so fun to do.  I had the idea of carving a spider for a while and this poster was the perfect opportunity.   Prints, iPhone/Pad cases, postcards, can be had HERE.   Here are some process shots. Go see Ben Ripani Music Co.!!  Continue Reading


I found a beautiful photograph of a Harris Hawk perched on a cactus and needed to make a carving out of his positioning. He looked so stoic and cool sitting on this saguaro cactus.  Check out the photographers Flickr photostream here..  tons of excellent photos from Marzipan Bunny.   Here is a WIP shot of the […]Continue Reading


This was a fun project. Woodblock carving on MDF board. Printed on different color papers. Now an Iphone/Ipad case… With a little photoshop help http://www.redbubble.com/people/shinymetalthing/works/9988954-shinymetalthing-octocutContinue Reading


I was asked to design something to put on the front of a bass drum by Patrick Benson.  (Drummer Extraordinaire.) My only requirement was that it be a stylized image of a tree. I started sketching and came up with round trees, pointy trees, fluffy trees, boring trees, etc… Here is one that didn’t make the […]Continue Reading


Here is a new poster I made for Ben Ripani’s next solo show. You should go if you can! Click to see larger version.Continue Reading


I have been creating a series of prints about three guys in the circus. Here is the first one..Continue Reading


This was an amazing project.   I started working with Zach through Ben Ripani Music Co. He asked me to design his A cappella choirs’ next CD. It is entitled Down In The Trenches. I started with a carving I did based on a sound wave diagram. I didn’t like the layout and size of […]Continue Reading



Yay..  I got to do another poster for Ben and the guys.. Recognize the little guys from anything?Continue Reading