I found this talk on Swiss Miss. Cool blog. Anywhoo.. Here is a good talk by designer Armin Vit on thinking stupid and its relationship to creativity. http://www.swiss-miss.com/2011/06/armin-vit-on-stupidity.htmlContinue Reading


It is pay what you want and 100% of proceeds go to the designers of the font. Very cool.. http://losttype.com/Continue Reading


Here is the poster I made for an upcoming House of Blues show in Chicago. Go see live music…  Check out all these bands different websites.. Thanks again Tate!Continue Reading


I was asked to create a quick web graphic by the band Molehill from Chicago. They have a great live show.  They are playing 4/8 at the Bottom Lounge!  Check them out! Thanks again guys. I gave them these two to choose from…  Glad they liked them.Continue Reading


Been a long time since a post… .. Happy New Year. Here is a poster I made for a few bands playing at the beat kitchen in chicago. Hope you like…Continue Reading


For anyone looking… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fibonacci_spiral.svg (keep clicking for a larger version)Continue Reading


I was asked to design a logo for a “One-a-day” site named TIISO, or Till It Is Sold Out. After providing the client w/ three choices, they picked my favorite one!  YAY. After some tweaking, here is the final logo. Check out the site when it is online sometime later this year.   www.tiiso.com (c) brian […]Continue Reading


This is my first try at stop motion. IT IS SO FUN. Stop Motion Test-medContinue Reading


FUN poster to make.Continue Reading


I think this poster is a better version of my last poster. What do you think?Continue Reading